Ready To Press Heat Transfers

Ready to Press Heat Transfer
Ready to Press Heat Transfers
Ready to Press Heat Transfers

Ready To Press Heat Transfers are Great For:

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Unlike other customized embroidery and ink techniques, heat transfer uses a  film to apply the design directly onto a garment or other textile using heat. This design can be just about any size, it can utilize all different colors, and it can also feature unique textures and effects. Ugly Duck Printing offers heat transfer for a long list of apparel, jackets, hats, bags and more. You can create just about any design, and Ugly Duck Printing will create your custom heat transfer! Prefect for a DIY project! 

If you are looking for a shirt, sweatshirt, bag or any other unique item that stands out and gets attention, heat transfer is a great option. To learn more, contact Ugly Duck Printing today!

Transfering Instructions

1.) Place the textile/substrate on the lower platen of the heat press. Pre-press it for 5-10 seconds to remove any wrinkles or moisture.

2.) Using a finishing sheet or parchment paper for protection, press the transfer following the guidelines below for the suggested temperature setting:

320°F 45 sec. 5 med. pressure

50/50 BLEND:
320°F 30 sec. 5 med. pressure

270°F 20 sec. 5 med. pressure

230°F 10 sec. 5 med. pressure

230°F 15 sec. 5 med. pressure °F

3.) Carefully remove the textile/substrate from the heat press and allow to cool before peeling away the A-Film. Only remove the A-Film after it is absolutely cold. Failure to do so may result in a faulty transfer. Start from a corner with the most toner coverage and remove the A-Film in one, rapid motion (like a bandage).

4.) To ensure wash-ability and a matte finish, re-press your textile/substrate with a piece of parchment paper
for 20 seconds and at the same temperature you used from Step 10 above. The pressure should be bumped up to a high pressure (a 8 or 9). To achieve a more shiny finish, use a Teflon sheet instead of parchment paper. To achieve a more textured finish, use the Flexible Finishing Sheet instead of parchment paper.

Pre-Made Ready to Press Transfers

Multiple fabric and substrate application options: cotton, polyester, polypropylene, fabric blends, paper, cardboard, book covers and leather.

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